Zoom vs Skype

Skype is one of the most popular communication programs where you can make video calls. Still, this is not the only program for communication. A distinctive feature of the Zoom service is that it is primarily intended for online conferences where a large number of participants can participate. Many users want to know which is better – “Skype” or “Zoom”?

Basic possibilities

The Zoom service was developed primarily for organizing video conferences with a large number of participants. Meanwhile, the program allows two users to communicate in normal mode. This feature is also available in Skype, but it is still a regular messenger with a video call function. Both programs can run on computers and mobile devices, and there are also browser versions. Both programs also allow you to demonstrate your desktop and transfer files.

At the same time, “Zoom” has the function of displaying various interactive elements on the screen for interaction between all participants of the conference. It is also possible to fully transfer control of the computer.

Another useful option is to divide all participants into different groups.

There is another unusual feature in Zoom that allows you to replace the background with any image or even video.

Paid services

Zoom developers have provided several types of paid subscriptions that provide the following advantages:

  • The 40-minute conference duration limit is removed
  • The number of participants increases (in the free version, there can be no more than 100)
  • Quick responses from technical support
  • Convenient user administration

The program Skype has a special version for business, which is now called Microsoft Teams. This program is considered an advanced tool for video conferences. In addition, it has an advanced personal data protection feature.

Interface, ease of use


It immediately catches the eye that the “Zoom” looks more modern, and there are few buttons in the interface, since almost all the controls are removed from the menu. In “Skype” it is much easier to get to all the important buttons, it wins in terms of convenience, it is noticeable even to the naked eye.


We can conclude that “Zoom “is more suitable for organizing meetings with a large number of participants, but” Skype ” is optimal for communication between two or a small number of people. Skype also has a more intuitive interface, which is very important for ordinary users.

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