Zoom time limit

Zoom features are free by default, including online conferences and connecting to them. However, you can’t use these features in full even if you switch to a paid plan with monthly payments. There is a time limit in the app, which means that group conferences with three or more participants can’t last more than 40 minutes. Can I circumvent this restriction? We will understand!

How to solve the problem

The easiest way to circumvent the restriction is to switch to a paid tariff, and the selected tariff plan does not play any special role here. Most often, users choose the “Professional” tariff, which costs $ 14.99 per month. We’ll talk about how to buy it below.

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of this method of circumventing restrictions, it is not suitable for everyone. Many users quite reasonably consider a paid subscription impractical, since it makes no sense for them to pay for online communication. What should I do in this situation?

When the forty-minute limit is reached, it is most convenient to end the current conference and organize a new one. Of course, each time you will need to wait for all participants of the event to connect, but it is free, and there is nothing complicated in sending links with invitations.

But are there other opportunities for longer conferences? “Advanced” users have discovered a loophole that is suitable for using Zoom on Windows and Mac OS PCs. Please note that this method is not suitable when using the mobile version of the program. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to circumvent the 40 min limit in Zoom.

Step-by-step recommendations:

  • You need to run the program on your PC and enter the “Conferences” section
  • Click on the plus sign and wait for the submenu to open, where you should select item #1.

  • A new window opens, where you need to select “Enable automatically”, then activate “password Required” and “Other calendars”. At this stage, you need to be extremely careful, because the slightest mistake – and nothing will work.
  • Click on the “Schedule” button.

  • Copy the entire text of the invitation (you can use the “Copy to clipboard” function), and then save this text in any document.
  • Start an online conference by clicking on the “Start” button.

  • Send an invitation link to all participants of the event.

  • Wait for participants to connect to the event.

When a message about the upcoming end of the conference appears in the corresponding window, click on the “End” button, then click on “Log out”. It is necessary to act strictly in the specified order!

At the same time as the conference organizer, one more participant must leave the conference in the same way, but they have a more responsible mission – they must immediately enter in a new way using the link they received earlier from the organizer. As a result, the timer will be reset, and the event organizer will also be able to reconnect to it. This procedure should be repeated every time the online meeting time comes to an end.

Note that the above method of circumventing the restriction was in effect in the spring of 2020. It is possible that over time, developers will notice the bug and remove it, so the method will become irrelevant.

Additional information

The above manual is very confusing, so to use it will not all, some users with the use of this method often have problems. However, Zoom is not the only app where people can gather for online communication. There are alternative programs with similar functionality, where there are no time limits.

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