Zoom system requirements

Owners of weak or outdated computers want to know if they can use the Zoom service, because there is always a risk that the program may simply not start. This article will discuss the system requirements for the Zoom program.

Detailed information

The developers say that the program will run on weak “machines” with a single-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, but the requirements for stable operation are significantly higher.

You also need a webcam and microphone to function properly. The app can run on Windows operating systems starting from XP SP3 and higher, Mac OS 10.7 and higher, and Linux from version 12.04. The image below shows the full list of supported operating systems.

With smartphones and tablet computers, the situation is much simpler. The app will run on any version of the Android and iOS operating systems. The only requirement is 150 megabytes of free space.

Internet connection speed

It is important to use unlimited Internet for this service, as Zoom spends a lot of traffic. Detailed Internet connection requirements are described in the image below.

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