Zoom share screen is not working

The Zoom service is a platform that allows you to hold workshops, lessons, and lectures. And also show presentations and demonstrate the actions of the organizer or one of the participants. Such a screen translation can be a great addition to the user’s explanations or even completely replace them. And both on a computer and laptop, and on a tablet or phone.

Operating Instructions

Problems may occur when the screen is displayed. Sometimes the app slows down and can even shut down. To fix the problem, you should update Zoom. And, if the error code 105035 appears when trying to update, it is best to completely remove the program and download the latest version immediately.

On the computer, the appearance of such a problem may mean that the installation of updates was blocked by an antivirus. it should be temporarily disabled (if the user is sure that the data download source was reliable enough) and try to update the program again.

Screen demonstration error

Zoom users often complain that when they try to start a screen demonstration from a computer, error 105035 appears. If you find such a problem, you should contact the utility’s technical support: the solution is sought individually for each case.

Zoom windows application fails to activate camera, while it works with Skype on the same machine · Issue #78 · CatxFish/obs-virtual-cam · GitHub

If the video is slow when displaying images, we recommend checking the quality and speed of the Internet connection. And when a black screen appears instead of the image, you may need to reinstall the video card drivers.

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