Zoom meeting ID is not valid

The Zoom platform is not in vain so popular – it is very convenient to organize conferences using it, and the stability of the program deserves special praise. However, certain problems do occur from time to time, and they occur on both PC and mobile devices. Among the possible problems is and “This conference ID is not valid”. What does this mean, and how do I solve the problem? We will understand!

Detailed information

If the platform is used on a PC, the failure is displayed by the following message on the screen:

On the display of the mobile is also sometimes you receive a similar notice:

The label indicates that the user entered incorrect data during the connection to the online event. Alternatively, the link received from the organizer or from another participant turned out to be incorrect, so it was not possible to connect to the conference. in such situations, you should contact the person who sent the link and ask them to send the data again, but without errors. In the mobile version of Zoom, you can see this information at the top of the screen:

To see similar information in the client for a personal computer, click on the corresponding icon located in the upper-left corner.

How to solve the problem if you are a conference host

Sometimes the bug mentioned above appears during the organization of an event. In this case, proceed as follows:

  • Open the main tab of the app (regardless of whether you are using the PC or mobile version).
  • If you are talking about a computer, click on the arrow next to “New”. If you are using the mobile version of the app, tap on the button itself.
  • Enable PMI, and if it was already enabled, turn it off.
  • Launch an online event.

  • Paid subscription owners specify the PMI manually, using different combinations to avoid problems.

User actions in extreme cases

There are cases, although extremely rare, that the above solutions to the problem do not bring the proper result. It means that the conference ID and password are specified correctly, but for some reason they do not work. This means that the problem is not in the correctness of the data, but in the operation of the server, and it is necessary to act differently here.

First, restart the program, or better yet, restart your computer or mobile device. If this doesn’t help, you can re-create the conference or ask the organizer to do it again. If the result is similar (the ID is incorrect), you can contact support, describe the problem, and wait for a response, which usually comes fairly quickly.

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