Zoom camera not working

The main purpose of the Zoom service is online video conferencing, and it is very unpleasant when the camera refuses to work during connection. Of course, you can communicate using a microphone or via chat, but other users will not see it. This problem may occur on both your computer and mobile device. Now we will analyze in detail the methods for solving this problem.

When the webcam doesn’t work on your computer

It is important to know that when connecting to a conference, the camera is disabled by default. This is done so that the participant can prepare and not appear accidentally in an inappropriate form. The camera is activated by a separate button on the toolbar (it is highlighted in green).

In most cases, the camera should turn on after this action. If it doesn’t work, you need to make some settings. To get to the settings, click the two buttons that are highlighted in green on the image.

You may have selected the wrong camera. Sometimes it happens that a non-existent webcam is set by default. You can also reduce the image quality by disabling HD mode in the settings. Another way to solve this problem is to change the aspect ratio by setting the default one.

There are also advanced settings where you can disable the noise reduction function.

If these recommendations do not solve the problem, we recommend restarting your computer. After all these manipulations, the camera should give a picture, if this did not happen – the problem is not in the program.

Another program may be using the camera. Many users will say that they did not enable them, however, various messengers tend to run automatically. We recommend that you start the task Manager and carefully check all running processes. Those that use camera resources should be stopped.

If zoom still doesn’t detect the webcam, you should check whether It is in the system. You must start the device Manager. In the start menu, select the Run tool and paste the devmgmt.msc command into the line

An alternative way is to go to the properties of “My computer” and find “Device Manager” there. Most often, the camera is located in the “Sound and video devices” section. Make sure that it is in the list, and your model should be displayed.

Isn’t it? Reconnect the camera by inserting the cable into a different connector. It is also recommended to reinstall the drivers that are downloaded on the official website of the device manufacturer. If all of the above does not help, the camera is faulty.

If the webcam doesn’t work on your mobile device

On smartphones and tablet computers, this problem is much less common.in most cases, it occurs due to incorrect settings. The problem is solved by restarting the mobile device. A more radical option is to reinstall the app.

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