Zoom alternatives

The main advantage of the Zoom program is that you can use it to organize a video conference with a large number of participants for free. This solution allows you to conduct online lessons, workshops, and just friendly meetings. Meanwhile, many people may not like this service, for example, because of the many complex settings and for some other reasons. Such people probably want to know what other decent services are available.

Main Zoom features

Before proceeding to the description of other programs, you should highlight a number of key features of this application:

  • Ability to use the basic version for free
  • Organization of conferences with a large number of participants
  • Great sound and video
  • Versions for all common operating systems, including mobile
  • Desktop demonstration function

Google Meet

It giant Google regularly releases various services and programs, many of which are designed for communication. The Google Meet service is designed for online conversations. This solution is great for remote training, business meetings, communication with relatives, and so on. However, you should know that the main purpose of the service is simple communication with friends. To use the service directly from the browser for personal computers the program is not provided. It’s also convenient that you don’t even need a Google account to communicate. You can also launch the service in a mobile browser, but there is still an app for smartphones and tablets that can be easily installed from the Play Store or App Store.

Microsoft Teams

This program appeared quite recently, so very few people know about it. This service was created as a replacement for the business version of the Skype messenger. The program was developed specifically for communication between a large number of participants, which is great, for example, for lectures and business meetings online. Since it is a Microsoft product, it is closely integrated with Office. The developers claim that 10 thousand people can participate in one conference, and this is in the free version of the program.


This program is probably the most famous in this list. In terms of group communication, it is convenient, you can call friends at the touch of a button, and other participants are added to the conversation just as easily.


The program was developed specifically for gamers to communicate during online games. It has a clear and user-friendly interface, as well as minimal system requirements. There is an overlay function that is important when playing computer games. However, you can communicate in “Discord” not only during games – it is convenient to arrange friendly gatherings with its help. The program is available for personal computers, there are mobile versions for the Android and iOS operating systems, and there is also a browser version.


This list of programs is far from complete, because there are also such popular messengers as Viber and WhatsApp, where you can also communicate with a large number of participants via video communication. Those who do not need video, but only voice communication and chat, can pay attention to Telegram. It is also important to note that new services appear with enviable regularity, so the above programs are not a complete list.

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