How to use Zoom on laptop

It is much more convenient to communicate, conduct online conversations and video conferences from a laptop than from a PC. Zoom, a special platform that was created for this purpose, is best suited for such activities. The presence of a microphone and speakers, as well as a built-in webcam, guarantees that the user will be both seen and heard. Just install the app and use its wide functionality. However, there may be some difficulties, and today we will talk about how to download “Zoom” on a laptop, how to connect and start communicating.

Detailed information

The developers of the program have released versions for PC and mobile devices. The computer version is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. In terms of functionality and interface, the platform variations are identical, but there are certain differences in the installation process.

We have prepared 3 guides that we will look at in more detail, as well as instructions on how to join the conversation, how to set up the image and sound, and what nuances the program has.

The link to download “Zoom” is located at the bottom, under the article.

Windows OS

The easiest way to install the app is on laptops running Windows. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Get to the download page by clicking on the appropriate link.
  • When the page opens after clicking on the link, click on the blue button.

  • The distribution will start saving. After it is completed, you need to run a file called ZoomInstaller.exe.
  • The installation will end automatically, it will take a couple of seconds.

Upon completion of the installation, Zoom will open without any actions on the part of the user. in all subsequent times, you will need to double-click on the corresponding shortcut on the desktop or find the program in the start menu and All programs.

It is extremely easy to download Zoom to your laptop.

Mac OS

to install the platform on laptops will have to perform more manipulations, but no difficulties should arise. Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the app download page (the link is under the article at the bottom)
  • Right-click on the download button.

  • Save the file under the name Zoom.pkg.
  • In the window that opens (its design is somewhat unusual), click the “Continue” button.

  • Follow the prompts on the screen, click on the ” Set ” button,
  • Enter the password and start the procedure.
  • Close the dialog.

During the installation process, in some cases, you can choose a different folder for the application, but the standard option is preferable.

After installation, “Zoom” will open automatically, in all subsequent times to launch it, you need to find the icon in the General list of programs.


The most popular laptops are based on Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. with a similar interface. The app installation process is quite simple. To run it, you need to find and run the sudo apt install gdebi command in the terminal.

This command is used to load the Gdebi unpacker if It is not available.

Then you need to open the browser and click on the link A page opens where you need to select the appropriate build and system version. Next, click on Download and download the installation file.

Now you should open this file using the unpacker and run the installation.

At this stage, in the vast majority of cases, you have to enter the root user password. The same applies to the last stage of installation.

Subtleties of using the app

For participation in a foreign conference procedure check-in Zoom is not needed, it will be needed in the following cases:

  • Organizing your own conversations
  • Using a broader functionality (contact list, etc.)
  • Enabling a paid subscription.

About how to register, we have said, now consider the procedure to connect to an existing conversation. There are two ways to do this:

  • Click on the invitation link received from the conference initiator and agree to launch the app
  • Click on the blue button in “Zoom”, enter the user ID and name, as well as the password.

For both the first and second methods, you need to wait for permission to connect, if the function was not previously disabled in the program settings.

When using Zoom for the first time, you need to adjust the image and sound:

Click on the items that are highlighted in the figure below and go to the parameters page.

Make sure that the speakers and microphone are in working order (the “check” button is provided for This purpose┬╗)

Adjust the volume

Go to the “Video” section, which is located in the left menu.

Set up your webcam. To improve the image quality, you can check the box next to “Enable HD mode”.

The “Keyboard shortcut” section is very useful. There are combinations that simplify conference management. For example, you can turn the microphone on and off by pressing Alt + A.

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