How to uninstall Zoom on Mac

Zoom Platform is convenient because it allows you to create free online conversations with many additional features (video output, interactive whiteboard, screen demonstration, etc.). but for a number of different reasons, users decide to opt out of it. They may have a question: “How do I remove the Zoom completely?”. This is the procedure that we will discuss in this article.

Currently, the program is available for PC (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) and for popular mobile devices. All versions of Zoom differ only in appearance, their capabilities are essentially the same, however, with some reservations. But the uninstall procedure in each case will be different. So we’ll look at them all in order of priority.

Instructions for Mac OS

In this case, the procedure for uninstalling the program is somewhat different. Follow the following algorithm:

  • Open the Finder browser.
  • From the “favorites” section, go to the “Programs” directory.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the right list until you find the graph
  • Right-click on it.

As a result, a context menu will appear. In it, then select “Move to trash”. Move trash option for in Finder on Mac OS

Now open the trash itself. The easiest way to do this is to click on the corresponding icon on the Dock panel (at the bottom of the screen).

  • Activate the “Clear” option.
  • Confirm this procedure.

Guide for iOS

On IPhones and IPads, the procedure is much easier:

  • On the device’s desktop, find the icon to launch Zoom.
  • Make a long press on it so that all the icons start to “shake”.
  • Now tap the red cross in the corner of the Zoom icon.
  • Confirm Erasure of the application.

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