How to share music or audio on Zoom

The key feature of Zoom is its interactivity. Software tools allow you to display running programs, documents, images, and more. Another interesting feature is music streaming. These features are included in the basic rate and can be used even by unregistered participants. Let’s take a closer look at how to broadcast audio in the app.

Instruction manual

Unfortunately, today this feature is available only for PCs that run on Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Broadcast is enabled in the following way:

  • Log in to the conference
  • Enable “Screen Demonstration»
  • Open the “Advanced” item
  • Аnd click “Sound Only” and “Sharing”

So all participants of the online event will hear what is being played on the user’s computer. You can play audio using any installed player, and it is also convenient to broadcast music from online services.

When listening is complete, don’t forget to turn off the broadcast, which is stopped by the red button.

Additional information

Any broadcast is allowed by the conference organizer. To allow music streaming, the organizer must hover the mouse cursor over the conference window and click the two buttons that are highlighted in green.

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