How to share files in Zoom

While communicating in Zoom, it often happens that you need to forward a file. Of course, the developers have added this feature to the program, you just need to figure out how to use it.

Transferring files from a personal computer

To send a file, during a conversation, click the “Chat” button, which is highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

After that, a window will open with additional correspondence, where you should click on “File”.

After that, the file Explorer opens and you can use it to download the desired file.

To send a file to one specific person, click the two buttons that are highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

If nothing works

If you can’t send a file, this means that the function is disabled in the settings. To do this, go to the service’s website using your login details.

Next, go to settings…

… and activate the function by checking the box in the appropriate place.

File transfer in mobile apps

On smartphones and tablet computers, files are sent during a conversation with one person. This function is not available for conferences. To send a file, tap on “Chat”.

Next you need to click on the button that is highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

The next steps are to click “Attach” and “File”.

after these actions, the file Explorer opens, which you can use to select the desired file.

If you need to forward the document to all participants of the conference, you can send the file to the person who communicates from the computer and ask them to do so. Another option is to upload the file to the cloud storage and send a link to it to the General chat.

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