How to share a video on Zoom

Displaying the screen in Zoom allows you to show the screen of the device on which it is installed to the rest of the conference participants. The Zoom presentation demonstration feature is available for both computers and phones. This article is about how to enable Zoom screen demonstration, how to draw in Zoom on the screen demonstration, and how to enable computer sound in the demo in Zoom.

Let’s look at how to make a screen demonstration in Zoom. The green button at the bottom of the Zoom screen is responsible for this function. It is signed on the phones – “Share”.

Click on it. This will open a new menu. In it, select what you want to show the conference participants.

If you have multiple monitors, you can choose which monitor to display (1 or 2).

When you select the Zoom screen to broadcast, you will see the entire contents of your desktop. To start showing the screen in the Zoom conference, click on the “Sharing” button. The translated area will be framed. Participants will see the entire desktop and your actions.

The message Board is used for drawing on a white Board background. It can be shared with conference participants, like a blackboard in a classroom.

IPhone or iPad screen streaming is available.

The second row contains Windows of open programs. For example, a browser, video player, or presentation. Select the program window to show only it in Zoom, and not show the entire desktop.

In advanced mode, two options are available:

  • Share a part of the screen — that is, select an area of the screen in the Zoom demo and even change its size;
  • Show sound in Zoom without an image.

By default, all conference participants can display the screen in Zoom mode. The organizer can only reserve this right for themselves. To do this, click the arrow next to the “Display screen” button. In the menu that opens, select who is allowed to enable it.

To set this option for each conference, enable it in your personal account on the site To set up a screen display in Zoom. Log in to your personal account and go to settings.

Check who is allowed to run the screen demo in Zoom. Co-organizers will have the same rights as the organizer.


You can disable the display of the screen in Zoom for everyone globally here-using the switch. Obviously, if the screen display doesn’t work in Zoom, it is blocked by the organizer.

How to disable screen display in Zoom

Click the red button in the control menu – “Stop”.

If this menu is hidden, you can open it by pressing the-ESC key on your keyboard. Or use the combination alt + tab.

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