How to share a recorded Zoom meeting

It is not always possible for all employees or students to attend a conference in Zoom. In this situation, if really important issues are discussed during the conference, it makes sense to record the conference, and then send the recording to those people who could not attend the event. In this article, you can learn more about how to record a conference in Zoom, where to find it later, and how to send the conference recording to employees or students.

You can view the recorded Zoom conference at any convenient time. You can do this via the Zoom app or by opening the corresponding conference file on your computer via file Explorer. Consider both options.

In the Zoom app

In the Zoom app, switch to the “Conferences” section at the top, and then go to the “Recorded” section.

Как записать конференцию в Zoom на телефоне или компьютере

Here you can see a list of recorded conferences in Zoom. Each of them indicates when it passed. If you select a conference, you can perform various actions with it: play (video with audio), play only audio (listen to the conference in podcast format), open (appear immediately in the conference folder on your computer), or delete (delete the conference files from your computer).

When you play the conference, it opens in the player that is installed on your computer and selected as the default program for mp4 files.

Via file Explorer

As noted above, recorded Zoom conferences are stored on your computer. Accordingly, they can be viewed locally from the computer where they were recorded, even if there is no Internet connection. To do this, just open the Zoom folder, which is located in the Documents folder on your computer’s system disk.

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In this folder, you will find several folders, each of which belongs to a separately recorded conference. The folder name will indicate the time when the conference was held. To view the recording, go inside the folder and run the desired file: mp4 is the video format of the conference, m4a is the audio format.

In the Zoom settings, you can change the location where conference recordings will be saved. This makes sense if your primary hard drive doesn’t have much free space and you need to record conferences frequently.

How to upload a file with the conference

If you recorded a conference in Zoom and want to send it to another person — it is quite easy to do this using files in file Explorer. As noted above, Zoom conference recordings are located in the Documents folder.

  • Open this folder and find the folder with the conference you want to send to another person.
  • Then add the conference recording to the archive using any archiver on your computer.

When the folder is in the archive, it remains to send this archive to the right person, after which they can download it to their computer and watch the recorded conference.

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