How to set up a Zoom meeting

It is thanks to the ability to create video conferences that the Zoom platform is so popular. Of course, a similar tool is found in many other messengers, but here it is especially convenient to use it to the point that there is no need to even register. Anyone can organize their own conversation from any device, and then invite a large number of participants to the conference for free. This article will discuss how to organize conferences in Zoom from your smartphone. This is also used for tablets.

Instruction manual

Let’s start with the fact that the procedure can be divided into three main stages:

  1. Create an account in the service
  2. Organizing a video conference and configuring it
  3. Invitation of participants

Of course, the first step is to install the app. To do this, launch the app Store on your mobile device (for Android use Play Market, and for Apple-made mobile devices it’s an App Store), enter the app name in the search field, click “Install” and wait for the installation process to complete.

Creating a Zoom account

To begin with, you can use the mobile app without having to register, but only as a member. Users who want to create their own online conferences must register.

To register, you need to launch the app on your mobile device. In the window that opens after the launch, you can see the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen, which you need to tap.

After that, the app will ask you to enter your date of birth. You should also enter information such as your email address, first and last name in the appropriate fields. Definitely need to agree the terms of service, please tick. Now you can click “Next”. All actions are highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

The next step is to log in to your mailbox and find an email from the service. It is important to know that sometimes emails from Zoom may arrive with a delay. In the email, click on “Activate account”.

After that, the service will take you to a page with a question in English about whether the user is a student or not. Here we recommend that you choose the answer “No” and click “Continue”.

Now you need to come up with a complex password that is not used in other services (in social networks, email, and so on). On the new page that opens, enter your password in the appropriate field and tap “Continue” again.

This completes the creation of an account in the Zoom service. You can close the browser or minimize it and launch the mobile app. During startup, a window will appear with a message that the registration process has been completed and a confirmation email has been sent. Since the registration has already been confirmed via email, you can safely click the login button, it is highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

In the new window, enter your login information: email address and password. If all the data is entered correctly, the app will start, where you can already create a conference.

Start a video conference

After logging in, the app will open in its usual form. The icon for creating a new conference is located at the top of the program.

In a new window, the app will offer to disable the webcam, and at the very bottom there is a large blue button for organizing a new conference.

Now you can add participants to the conference. To do this, on the control panel at the bottom of the display, tap on the corresponding icon, which is highlighted in green in the screenshot.

A window will open with a list of functions, here you should select the most recent item – “Copy URL”.

The service will provide a special short link. It should be sent to potential participants in any convenient way: via messengers, social networks, email, and so on. Now you need to wait for users to receive messages and connect to the conference.

There is another method that is not very different – an invitation using an ID. The program issues a special code that you need to send to the conference participants in any convenient way. You can see this code at the top of the app window.

Now you can make a number of basic do this, enter the “More details” submenu and go to the corresponding item.

Here you can disable the “Waiting room”. This function does not allow a person to enter the conference until the organizer sends the password that the future participant must enter. In the “conference” section, go to the editing section. these steps are highlighted in green in the screenshot below.


As you can see, the developers have done everything possible so that the user can quickly create a conference. The instructions are the same for Android and iOS operating systems. In the future, you can also use the conference from a personal computer by running the program and entering your login information.

Meanwhile, it is important to know a few things. In the free version, you can create conferences with a maximum of 100 participants. In addition, for free accounts, the duration of one conference is no more than forty minutes. All these restrictions are removed when you connect a pay-rates. You can buy a subscription on the official website of the service in your personal account. To access your personal account, you must enter your registration data.

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