How to record Zoom meeting on iPhone or iPad

Many users rated Zoom’s convenience as an optimal solution for video conferences, online training, etc. Through the program, they conduct lectures and briefings, work with Tutors, and establish live communication with clients. It is noteworthy that the functionality of the platform provides the ability to save any conversation in the format of video and audio files. You just need to figure out how to record a conference in Zoom. Below we will discuss this issue in detail and provide detailed instructions for recording a conference for both the mobile version of the app and the PC version of the program.


First of all, let’s talk about recording a conference in a program for personal computers. It is usually enabled by default, but in some cases certain settings are required.

  • Go to the app and find the icon in its main window, then click on it.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • In the menu on the left, find the “Record” button

  • and Pay attention to the «Location» column. There is a directory where the saved files are located after they are written. If necessary, the recording can be made in any other folder that is convenient for the user.

The following functions are very useful:

  • «Record separate». It allows you to save a separate audio file with a recording of the voice of each participant of the event.
  • «Optimize for third-party…». The check mark next to this item allows you to edit saved materials.
  • «Record video…» allows you to save a demonstration of the conference participants ‘ screens.

By default, Zoom saves recordings to a folder with the same name. It is located in the «Documents» in the user account.

To start recording, during an online meeting, click on the highlighted button, as in the screenshot below.

Recording stops automatically, either at the same time as the conference ends, or when the user logs out.

Sometimes, after clicking on the button mentioned above, a window appears with the following content:

There is a logical question about how to get permission to write. The answer is simple, like all ingenious things: do it via the built-in chat or by sending a voice message.

The conference organizer must:

  • Visit the section “Managing participants” or “Participants”

  • Find the user they need and move the mouse cursor to it
  • Click on « More»
  • A submenu opens where you need to find and activate the «Allow» function.

Step-by-step instructions for mobile devices

At the end of our conversation, here is a guide on how to record a video with Zoom from your phone. According to official data, this option is available only for users with a paid subscription. the basic tariff, which is free, does not provide this option. By the way, the made record will be stored not on the mobile device, but in the cloud of the service. However, there is an effective way to circumvent the restriction, which allows you to record conferences in free accounts. To use it:

  • Launch the app on your mobile device
  • Go to the settings page by tapping on the following items in turn:

  • Check the box next to «Automatically»
  • Select a cloud service in the «Location» section»
  • Save changes with a tap on the corresponding button

  • Start an online meeting

How to enable the conference recording function in manual mode

  • Call the tap control buttons on an empty space on the mobile display
  • Find the «More Information» button at the bottom and click on it

  • Make sure that the cloud record is active, or activate it manually.

We remind you that the features officially described above are only available to users of paid accounts, but what should everyone else do? Let’s try to figure it out!

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Save important conferences from your computer or ask another event participant to do so.
  • Use third-party software with the appropriate functionality.
  • The second option requires more detailed consideration.

To record the conference, you will need any Screen Recorder, ideally-free, since there are a lot of relevant offers on the profile market. For Android devices, AZ Screen Recorder is suitable, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. On iOS, there is a very convenient function for capturing video from the screen, to call it, just open the notification curtain.

Instead of a conclusion

The method we mentioned for recording a conference in Zoom from your phone is difficult to call convenient, but there is no alternative here, unless, of course, you count making a paid subscription. If it is not suitable at all, it is better to participate in important online conversations that require recording from a personal computer.

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