How to raise hand in Zoom

The developers of the Zoom program did everything possible to make it comfortable for participants to communicate during conferences. The hand-up function will be useful in conferences where a large number of people participate. This tool allows the organizer and others present to understand what the user wants to say: object, ask a question. In some situations, this function may be indispensable. Let’s take a closer look at how to raise your hand during the Zoom conference.

Some of the nuances

In the smartphone app, you need to tap the screen once to open the control menu. After that, go to the “More Information” item and find the corresponding option there. These actions are the same for the Android and iOS operating systems.

In the program for personal computers, first select the item “Participants”.

After that, find the icon with three dots.

In the menu that opens, you can find the corresponding function.

If you click on the button next to the user’s nickname, a distinctive icon will appear, and the conference organizer will receive an additional notification, which will allow them to immediately pay attention to the participant.


All users can use this feature, including those who have not registered in the service and use a free account. Moreover, you can’t disable this feature.

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