How to mute on Zoom

Sometimes during communication in the messenger there are casual situations when the interlocutor should not hear something superfluous. Therefore, we suggest that you read the recommendations below, where everything is described in detail.


It is important to know that the desktop and mobile versions of the program differ significantly from each other, respectively, sound activation occurs in different ways.

Method for mobile devices

To begin with, the app’s audio is disabled by default. That is, when you connect to the conference, you will not hear other participants, but they will hear you. This is done specifically for convenience. After logging in to the conference, click the two buttons that are highlighted in green.

You often need to give Zoom permission to access your microphones. To do this, you must give your consent in the window that appears on the screen. After that, you can turn the sound on and off using the icon located at the bottom of the screen.

This method is effective for all smartphones and tablet computers that run on the Android and iOS operating systems.

Enable or disable sound on your computer

The Windows program will ask the user whether or not to turn on the sound when they log in.

At the bottom of the program, you can always see an icon that allows you to quickly turn off the sound.


Now you know how to quickly enable or disable the zoom conference sound while chatting. It is worth noting that when working with a computer, you can also do this using the mixer, which is called by clicking the icon in the tray. There you can quickly mute the sound and microphone, as well as adjust the volume level.

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