How to look good on Zoom

Because of the self-isolation mode, we are much more likely to participate in virtual meetings and business meetings using applications such as Zoom or Skype. At the same time, we want to look no worse than when we meet in person. Here’s how to do it – five expert tips.

Make sure that your face is well lit

If you choose the most important advice-here it is: focus on the right lighting. The best option is a natural frontal, uniform illumination of the entire face, ensuring the quality of a professional film. In this case, you will look expressive and without Amateur distortion.

Lighting and camera angle are key during video calls, so if you want your interlocutor to see you in the right light

Put your computer next to the window so that the daylight falls directly on your face.

How to use Zoom on laptop

If you do the opposite (the light will be behind you), your face will simply not be visible, you will only be a silhouette.

Worst of all, poor lighting doesn’t just make you a dark silhouette – it creates ugly shadows on your face, making you look tired, sick, and sometimes creepy.

There are no Windows in the room? Put a table lamp directly behind your laptop in front of your face, experts advise.

Avoid bottom view

This is one of the main rules of camerawork: set the camera at eye level or higher.

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Pay attention to the skin of your face

In the days of self-isolation and video calls, skin care has become even more important than usual.

Error al cargar Zoom 1012

The ideal option is natural light and the absence of unnecessary, distracting details in the background

Do not forget to use lip balm, hygienic lipstick, if your lips are chapped, and wash your face regularly so that it does not have redness and acne.

Know what you look like

Preparation is very important: you should not start participating in a video conference by setting up the right lighting, combing your hair – in General, you do everything that needs to be done in advance.

Cómo mejorar el sonido en Zoom

Many programs and applications for video communication have the option “audio only”, but it is not harmful to make sure once again whether the webcam is turned off.

Make sure you choose the background

Of course, our homes and apartments are not equipped for professional video broadcasts, but even there you can find a better place for negotiations on Zoom.

Cómo hacer un fondo en Zoom en la computadora

Keep in mind that a working video call is not a very good reason to show off the cluttered bookshelves or paintings on the wall in the background.

Of course, it’s tempting to show your colleagues how you live, but this will only distract them from the main thing – from you and from what you say.

You should look as if you are well prepared for a meeting or negotiation – including externally, and you are clean and tidy around you.

When you’re thinking about what to wear, choose something solid and avoid sleeveless or off-the-shoulder dresses. A business video call should not look like a birthday party.

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