How to invite people to a Zoom meeting

To communicate in zoom, you must create a video conference, and then add other participants to It. Not everyone knows how to send invitations, and there are no tips in the program itself. Let’s take a closer look at how to invite people to the Zoom conference.


The developers of the program did everything possible to make the interface extremely clear. However, the mobile and desktop versions of the program differ from each other, so two instructions will be considered.

Adding participants to the PC program

At the bottom of the program, you can see the main controls. You should click the item “Manage members”.

After that, a window will open with all the participants. Here in the lower part you can find the button for invitations, it is highlighted in green.

You can use this button to invite people who are in your contact list. In the new window, select “Copy invitation”, it looks like a special link.

You can poison this link in any convenient way, including using the Zoom internal chat.

Now you just need to confirm sending the invitation.

You can also send invitations using a special identifier. The user must launch the program on their device, enter the code, and confirm their desire to participate in the conference. All data can be obtained by clicking on the icon in the chat window, which is highlighted in green in the screenshot.

Adding participants in the mobile app

To add participants, run the program on your smartphone or tablet computer. Next, tap on the screen to open the control panel and click the “Participants” button.

Now you need to click “Invite”. A context menu opens with several options for submitting a request. In the upper part, you will see various messengers through which you can send a request. The person will receive an invitation in the form of a link, after which they must agree to participate in the conversation.

Another method is using an ID. You can find this special code in the main conference window at the top. The user can get the code in any convenient way, enter it when logging in to the program, and agree to participate in the conference.

Additional information

By default, all new participants enter the video conference in the so-called “waiting room”. A new user can participate in the conversation only after the organizer approves it. This system restricts access for strangers.

To approve a new user, you need to perform a number of actions. In the case of the desktop version of the program, go to “conferences”, select “Upcoming” and click “Edit”.

In the new window, click the “Advanced settings” button and disable “Waiting room” by checking the appropriate box.

For mobile devices, you also need to open the “Conferences” tab. Next, click “Edit”.

In the new window, disable the “Waiting Room” option and confirm the action by clicking the “Save” button.

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