How to download and install Zoom on iPhone

The Zoom platform is an excellent tool for organizing Internet conferences with video communication, visual elements, convenient organization, and many other advantages. Developers support a PC client, as well as an application for smartphones and tablets from various manufacturers, including Apple. In this article, you will learn how to download Zoom for free on IPhone. We will also briefly discuss the nuances of use.


The main source of apps for Apple smartphones is the App Store. The icon for launching it is located on one of the desktops. Find it and click.

Иконка App Store на рабочем столе iPhone

Next, use the lower toolbar to visit the “Search” tab. Enter the Zoom query in the text box and click Find on the virtual keyboard. At the top of the page that opens, you will see the app you need. Tap on the “Upload” button and confirm the procedure. It usually takes one or two minutes.

You can open Zoom either from the store page, or using the new icon on the device’s desktop.


As soon as you launch this app on your IPhone, you will see a welcome window:

Кнопка Войти в конференцию Zoom на Android-устройстве

The gear icon in the corner of the screen is responsible for navigating to settings. On the corresponding page, you can find out the version of the current app, as well as change various broadcast parameters, such as disabling the camera and sound when logging in.

And the bottom of the home page has three buttons. Central is highlighted in blue, she is responsible for connecting to broadcast. The Zoom platform is designed in such a way that you can become a participant in online communication without registration, but to organize your own conference, you need to create an account. This also opens up additional features, such as detailed profile settings.

The conference organizer can send you a link to connect. Just open it in the Zoom app, enter your name in the appropriate field and tap on the confirmation button.

But you can also log in another way:

  • In the main window, click on the selected item:
  • Enter the conference ID and your name.
  • Optionally, turn off the sound and video.
  • Tap the blue button.

Ввод идентификатор конференции Zoom на Android

  • Now enter your password and confirm your login.


The Zoom app for IPhone can be downloaded for free from the App Store. As soon as you launch it, you will be able to join existing conferences as a participant. But to organize them, you will need to register on the platform.

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