How to download and install Zoom on iPad

Apple devices, including computers and laptops, are widely distributed around the world. High functionality, stylish design, own OS-these are not all the reasons why such devices are in demand. Well, demand, as you know, creates supply – a huge number of programs have been developed for Mac OC – not only original, but also cross-platform, that is, those that are available for other operations. This also applies to Zoom-an application for online communication and video conferencing in remote mode.

The process of installing zoom is somewhat different from installing other programs, and there are people who are afraid of It.

The topic of our conversation will be Zoom for MacOS – its download, installation, configuration and further use.

Step-by-step instructions

The application is distributed only through the official website of the developer in the App Store to find it impossible. To make sure of this, you can enter the corresponding query in the search bar – the screen will display the following:

  • To download and install the program on your PC or laptop, you must perform the following manipulations:
  • Click on the link located at the bottom of the article “Download Zoom for Mac OS”

  • Click “Download”
  • Save the file (called Zoom.pkg) and open it to start the installation
  • The “Introduction” page opens, where you should select “Continue”.

  • Determine the audience for using the app – all users or just the current one
  • Click on “Continue”

If you want, you can change the folder for Zoom, but we strongly recommend that you leave it as it is.

To start the process, click “Install”.

After the installation is complete, you can close the window.

If the user has never installed programs from the Internet before, but only through the Mac App Store, the procedure may be blocked by the security system. To complete the installation, you will need to disable the system. To do this, go to “System settings”, you can do this, for example, like this:

Next, open the section “Protection and security”

To access the settings, you need to click on the icon looking like a yellow padlock to enter your administrator password and click on “unprotect”.

At the bottom there is a button “App Store for Mac and from installed developers”, you need to click on it, confirm your changes, and then click on the lock again.

To complete the installation “Zoom”, you should repeat the above statement.

Important nuances

When you first launch the app, 2 buttons will appear on the screen:

“Log in to the program” is an authorization button

“Log in to the conference” is a button to join an existing conversation

To participate in open conversations, you don’t need to register, but to organize your own online conferences, you need to create an account.

The features and functionality of the program for unregistered users are somewhat limited. We have already discussed how to register for the PC version of the app.

There are two ways to connect to a conversation:

Use the link that should be opened in the browser, agree to start the program, and enter the user name in the appropriate field.

By means of the identifier of the conference. You need to click on “Log in to the conference”, enter the ID and display name, configure audio and video, and then click on “Log In”.

Enter the password and confirm the connection again, then wait for the connection to occur and get permission to log in from the conversation organizer.

To control the camera and microphone, use the tools in the lower left corner. To go to advanced settings, tap on the items that are highlighted in the image below:

After that, a tab called “Sound” will open. it adjusts the volume of the microphone speakers, as well as other output devices. In the “Video” tab, the camera settings are made. For example, if the image quality leaves much to be desired, you can check the box next to “Enable high resolution (HD)”.

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