How to download and install Zoom on Android

You can start communicating in Zoom immediately after the program installation is complete. Download the app and install it easily on both iOS and Android devices. The software is distributed free of charge, in order to use basic functionality, which is quite wide, a paid subscription is optional. Today we will talk in detail about how to use Zoom on Android phones.

Step-by-step instructions

Today’s material will be divided into several parts: installing the program, registering on the platform (creating an account), joining an existing online conversation, and creating your own.

How to install the program

The process is quite simple and simple:

  • Go to the «Play Market», where all the apps for Android devices are located
  • Activate the search bar located at the top of the screen
  • Enter the name of the program (it is best to do this in English)
  • In the search results, find Zoom and tap on it.

  • Start the installation by tapping the corresponding button

  • If a window appears on the screen with a request for certain permissions, grant them
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Tap on «Open»

There is another option for installing the program on Android devices-downloading the apk file. This method is relevant in cases where the first option does not work.

Creating an account

If the purpose of using Zoom is to connect to existing conferences, the registration procedure is optional, but to organize your own online events, you need to create an account. Its presence provides the following advantages:

  • start video conferences;
  • editing user information;
  • your contact list;
  • more detailed settings.

Registration on the platform

  • Click the appropriate button in the app window.

  • Specify the day, month, and year of birth
  • Enter your full name and email address
  • Agree to the terms of service
  • Tap on the «Next» button (located in the upper right corner)

  • Open an email box by first minimizing the program window
  • Open an email from Zoom
  • Click on the item that is marked in the picture below:

  • A web page opens, where you first need to click on «No», and then on « Continue»

  • In the window that opens, enter the password (2 times), which should be as secure as possible.
  • Click on the orange button

  • At the final stage, tap on «Skip»
  • Return to the program and click on «Log in»

  • Log in to your account and refuse to download additional software.
  • How to connect to an online conference

To log in to the Zoom conference from an Android device, you can use either of two methods:

  • Click on the invitation link sent by the organizer or other participants of the event
  • By entering your ID and password.

Step-by-step instructions for method #1

  • Open the link in the browser
  • Select the « Launch» via app «Zoom button»

  • Wait for the program to load
  • Enter a name in the top row
  • Click on the login confirmation button

Step-by-step instructions for method #2

  • Go to the program and tap on «Enter the conference». If the user is logged in, click on « Log in»

  • Specify the conference ID
  • Enter a name
  • Optionally, turn off the camera and / or sound
  • Click the button confirming the connection

  • Enter your password if necessary
  • Wait for the organizer’s permission to log in, if this option was not disabled by them.
  • Often, the user does not hear the interlocutors during the first use of the program. To fix the problem, tap on «connect» and on « Call using…»

  • If necessary, you can disable the camera or microphone by pressing the appropriate key. To enable it, follow the same steps.

  • If you need to show other participants the screen or any other information (documents, photos, etc.), you can use the «Share» button

  • In the upper part of the screen on the left there are icons that you can use to turn off the sound of other participants of the event, as well as change the cameras from the front to the main one and Vice versa
  • To maximize the usability of the program, you need to make settings. We have already discussed how to do this earlier.

Organizing your own conference

Only registered users who are logged in to their account have the right to create conferences. To do this, in the Central tab, click on « New…»

A window opens where you need to enable or disable the camera and click on «Start a conference». Wait for the connection to the server and the conference will be created automatically. The user will only have to add participants by sending them a link or ID with a password, which can be seen at the top of the screen.

However, it is more convenient to use the link:

  • Click on « Members»

  • «Invite»
  • «Copy URL».

  • Send the link in any acceptable way
  • Wait for participants to join the conference.

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