How to download and install Zoom

The Zoom application has become incredibly popular due to the massive transition to a remote work format. Now video conferencing can be carried out not only sitting at the computer but also using the phone.

You can download and install the Zoom program on any device, including:

  • Zoom Client for Conferences
  • Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Zoom Plugin for IBM Notes
  • Zoom extension for browsers
  • Zoom Plugin for Intel Unite
  • Zoom mobile apps
  • Zoom Client Plugin for iPhone / iPad Screen Demo
  • Zoom Rooms for conference room and touch screens
  • Controllers for Zoom Rooms
  • Zoom Plugin for Skype for Business

You can see the entire list for download in the official Download Center Zoom at

For computer

To use the presented application on a laptop or computer, you must perform several actions.

1) Go to the official website or immediately download the link;

2) Immediately after turning on the page, a window pops up asking you to download Zoom – we agree (if the download did not start, go down the page and click on the “Download” button);

3) We are waiting for the download and run the installer;

The bulk of the work is done, because if you have a conference number (suppose the teacher created a conversation and sent the code to everyone), then nothing else needs to be done. In the column “Enter the conference” an identifier is inserted, enter your username, and then select the necessary settings. For example, you can not turn on the broadcast from the camera or turn off the sound. Click on the “Login” button and that’s all, you can chat!

Another thing if you need to independently create a platform for conversation. In the initial menu, select “Log in” and get to the registration page. You can use several options to create your account.

The first way is via email. Just fill in the required fields (mail, password, log in) and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. We follow the link and registration can be considered complete!

The second way, using Facebook or Google. If you have an account in one of these social networks, then click on the “Log in through” column. Registration will take place instantly. And in the first and second cases, you will need to indicate your age. Next, we can open the application and use it. It turns out that you can install Zoom in less than a couple of minutes! Even a child can do this.

For phone or tablet.

To download Zoom to the Android mobile platform, you need to go to the official website or Play Market. The application is free, so if you require payment for downloading, refuse the procedure.

Google Play  App Store


1) Download the program;

2) We wait until the platform is installed automatically;

3) We start and see a window identical to the computer one.

The registration process is no different from the full version of the product!

Advantages and work.

The presented program has a lot of advantages. From a huge list, you can select several main aspects. Among them:

1) The ability to invite up to 10,000 thousand people into a conversation;

2) The duration of the conversation is more than five hours;

3) Ability to create backgrounds;

4) Excellent image quality, by the resolution of your camera and monitor;

5) Good sound clarity;

6) Complete security of personal data;

7) The ability to record a conversation and store it on a local disk.

Currently, using the free version of the product, you can chat for up to five hours, as well as invite up to fifty people to the conference. This is ideal for teachers and teachers who have to conduct their classes remotely.


Install Zoom to get to the conference? You can do it without it! The developers were worried about the flexibility and versatility of the application, so it’s not necessary to download the platform to connect to the conversation. It is enough to go to the official website, select “Enter the conference” in the upper right corner, and enter the identifier provided to you. We agree with the use of the installed webcam and you can start chatting.

Among the obvious differences from other platforms, Zoom can mute students’ microphones. If any of the participants in the call has a problem or the loud neighbor is already tired of everyone with his drill, then the conversation can be paused. Also, there is the possibility of demonstrating an interactive whiteboard. This function was mentioned earlier, but it is worth discussing in more detail. Formulas, tasks, and exercises will be displayed on a virtual board in the same way as on a real one! This function is actively used by teachers and teachers.

Be always in touch, use Zoom. It is very practical, and most importantly free!