How to do polling in Zoom

Polls and votes are a useful feature that will help you find out what conference participants think about a particular topic. This system is implemented conveniently in the program. However, surveys are not available to all users.

Who can use the function

Only registered users can use this tool. In addition, the function of the polls is not in the base rate, it will take at least professional.

Creating a polling

The first thing to do is to change the profile settings on the official website of the program. To do this, you need to log in to your account.

In the new tab, enter your email address and password.

In your account, go to settings and find “Basic” where you can activate the desired function.

After that, you can close the page and start creating surveys. The survey can be created at the planning stage of the conference, this option will be displayed among others. You can also create a survey directly during the conference. The corresponding button is available on the control panel for organizers who use paid rates.

For free accounts

There is a clever solution that will help you create a free survey in Zoom. The Network has a huge number of free services that allow you to create online voting. The organizer can send a link to vote in the group chat and ask participants to participate. You can demonstrate the finished results using the screen demonstration function.

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