How to delete a Zoom account

In order to join an online conference in Zoom, you do not need to register on the platform. You need to create an account for users who plan to organize conversations and connect other participants to them. Participation in existing conversations, settings, and so on is available without registration. There are often cases when registered users think about deleting their Zoom account. But they don’t know how to do it right. Let’s look at the question of how to delete an account in Zoom in more detail.

Detailed instruction

As of today, you can only disable your Zoom account via the official website of the app. This feature is not available in the PC version or in the program for mobile devices. Despite all this, it is easy to delete an account on any device, however, you will have to open the full version of the site from your smartphone.

Everything described above is performed once and irrevocably. This means that you will not be able to restore a deleted account, so if you are in it (mostly in correspondence) contains any important information that you will need to save before deleting it.

Guide to action:

  • Go to the official Zoom website
  • Find the «Log in» sign at the top of the screen.

  • Enter your username and password in the window that opens
  • Confirm the entered data by clicking on the blue button.

  • Find the «Administrator» section and click on «Manage accounts»
  • Go to « Profile»
  • On the page that opens, find the appropriate option
  • Click on it with the left mouse button.

  • Confirm your choice by pressing the « Yes « key. That’s all, the account in «Zoom» is deleted.


If further use of the service is impractical, in addition to deleting the account, it is useful to delete the application from your PC or mobile device. We talked about how to do this in our other material.

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