How to create a video conference in Zoom

In the context of the transition to remote work, the issue of organizing high-quality video communications arose not only for ordinary citizens, but also for many companies and organizations. The means of video communication available on the modern market with the help of which it is possible to organize simultaneous communication of a large number of people do not always meet the requirements imposed on them by users. Therefore, commercial organizations and educational structures at various levels are looking for a worthy alternative to classic programs and instant messengers. After studying analogues, many users began to use the Zoom service to create free conferences.

Program installation

In order to create a conference in Zoom, you need to download the installation file from the official site. Download to a computer or mobile device in one click. The program is installed automatically after starting the downloaded file. Also on the official website you can download various plugins and related software, which gives additional opportunities to work with the program.

After installing the program on a computer, tablet or smartphone, you need to create your own Zoom account. This procedure does not take much time and is free.

How to create a conference in Zoom

After entering the program under your username and password, you can choose the option to create a video conference. When you click on the Create Video Conference button, a list of possible options for holding it will appear. After choosing the type of conference you should start the Zoom Meetigs application.


Before starting work in the application, you need to configure the camera and microphone. Before entering the Zoom video conference, a pop-up window appears asking you to check the microphone and speakers or log in using computer sound. During the conference, you can adjust the sound level and the presence of the image using the control panel at the bottom of the screen. These settings are made by clicking on the appropriate icons.

A useful setting is to create a background image on the screen. The user can independently choose a picture, against which other participants in the conference will see him. To do this, you can use the standard “wallpaper” or upload your own image. This option will allow you to communicate from any convenient place without thinking about what is happening behind the back of the user.

Invitation to participants

The invitation to the conference is made by sending out her identification number and password for entry. It can be sent to potential participants by mailing in any messenger or by email.

Conference management

The conference organizer has the ability to control the inclusion of sound and images of each individual user. Thus, he can give the floor only to those participants who need to be heard at the moment. This option is convenient for workshops or online lessons.

Also in Zoom there is the ability to demonstrate the screen. Each participant can demonstrate the rest of the necessary materials by placing them on the screen of his computer or mobile device.

Conference Recording

Each participant in a video conference can record it on his computer. To do this, select the “Record on this computer” item in the “Details” menu. The recording is saved to a pre-selected folder as a file with the MP4 extension.

Benefits of Using Zoom

The choice of users who preferred the Zoom program was influenced by such positive aspects as:

Simplicity and ease of installation

The program is installed automatically, you need to download the installation file from the official site and run it on your device. Registering a user account is completely free. See how to download on the page

Availability of separate versions for different categories of users

Depending on the use case, you can choose one of the proposed versions of the program. They differ in the number of video conference participants, the maximum duration of a video communication session, and, accordingly, the size of the monthly fee.

Wide moderation options

The conference organizer can control its progress, turning the sound and image of chat participants on and off as necessary. The program has built-in tools for co-drawing on the screen with the ability to transfer control to each other, the presence of a chat with text messages and emoticons. The possibility of recording a conference is also provided.

Communication quality and low cost

The free basic version of the program allows you to organize a simultaneous video call session for 100 people for 40 minutes. Larger companies receive sound and image transmission quality as well as ongoing technical support for a relatively low monthly fee.


When downloading the program from the official portal, the user is guaranteed security and complete confidentiality of communication.