How to change name on Zoom

When registering a new account, each user must provide their own name. All Zoom users can see it. However, if necessary, the data entered during registration can be changed. You just need to know how to change your name in the Zoom service.

It is important to know about some nuances. The easiest way to edit information is in the mobile app. In the desktop version, this feature is limited, so you will have to do everything on the program’s website.

Changing the name on a personal computer

In the desktop version of the program, you can only change your data in the conference. To do this, connect to any video conference and select “Manage participants” in the lower toolbar.

  • In the window that opens, you will see a list with all the participants, where you should find yourself and click “More”.

  • After that, a menu will pop up where you need to select “Rename”.

  • In the window that opens, you can enter your name and confirm your changes by clicking “OK”.


It is worth noting that you can rename any conference participant in this way, but you should understand that the new name you enter will only be displayed on your computer.

Changing the name on the site

You should open the official website of the service and log in to your account.

After that, go to the “Profile” section and find the “Edit” item there. These buttons are highlighted in green in the screenshot below.

Enter a new name in the appropriate field and confirm the changes by clicking OK.

Name change on mobile devices

The method described below is suitable for smartphones and tablet computers running on the Android and iOS operating systems. To change your data, the first thing you need to do is launch the app on your mobile device. In the program settings, select the very first item.

Here you can edit your data, including your name. To do this, select the item “Display name” in the screen shot it is highlighted in green.

You can enter any name in the corresponding field and confirm the action by clicking “OK”. After that, you can close the application settings window.

You can also change your personal information in the mobile app during the conference. To do this, you need to connect to any conference and find the “Participants” item highlighted in green in the lower toolbar.

As in the desktop version of the program, a window opens with a list of all participants, where you need to find yourself, tap and select “Rename”in the menu that opens. After that, you can enter a new name and confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

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