How to add contacts to Zoom

The Zoom program has a convenient contact system, the functionality of which is not inferior to other messengers and social networks. In the version for mobile devices list automatic updated with contacts from the phone book, and in all other cases this should be done in manual mode. Let’s try to figure out how to add new users to Zoom.

Instruction manual

There is only one way to add to the list of contacts in the program – by sending invitations to your email address. Let’s look at this procedure in detail on a Windows PC.

In the main window, click «Contacts», then click on the plus icon and go to the «Add contact» menu.

In the window that opens, enter the address of the user to invite in the appropriate field. After that, you can click on the «Add» button.

  • Now you need to wait for the user to accept the invitation.
  • Adding users in the mobile app
  • Open the app on your mobile device
  • Open the contacts tab on the toolbar
  • Tap on «Plus»
  • In the new window open «Add contact»

  • Enter the address of the desired user
  • Click «Add»

Wait for the user to accept the invitation.

How to accept requests

If a user has sent an invitation, you can see it in Conference and chats for iOS and Android devices. In the desktop version of the app, invitations will be displayed in the «System notifications» section.

Additional information

The essence of the Zoom address book is that invited people can be invited to a conference at any time. You can also correspond with users from the contact list, call them by voice or video.

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