How much data does Zoom use

Data on how much Zoom consumes traffic is especially relevant for people whose Internet speed leaves much to be desired. You will also need this information in the case of a limited tariff or when the payment is made according to the traffic spent. Today we will look at the traffic consumption of the Zoom app.


Experts once subjected Zoom to tests in order to determine the possibility of holding video conferences on its platform, and they were also interested in the load that the application created on consumers ‘ Internet channels. As the test results, the average figures were given, which, in fairness, coincide with what the developer indicated in the system requirements of the program.

During one-on-one communication:

  • Standard quality video – about 540 MB / hour
  • Video in HD quality with a resolution of 1280X780 – about 1.08 GB / hour
  • Video in Full HD quality PI resolution 1920X1080

If there are 3 or more users participating in the conference:

  • Video in normal quality – 810 MB / hour
  • Video in HD quality-about 1.35 GB / hour
  • Video in FHD quality – 2.4 GB / hour.

It is worth noting that for people who use free accounts, FHD quality is not available, it is offered only in the “Enterprise”, “Business” tariffs, as well as for the curriculum.

The mobile version doesn’t have the ability to adjust the video quality. Based on the test results, it turned out that about 800 MB of traffic is consumed during a 1-hour video conference.


As we mentioned above, these indicators are average, and you can reduce your traffic consumption if you want. This is done in several ways, in particular:

  • Reduce the quality of video from the camera by “poking around” in the app settings and disabling HD.

  • Disable the video completely, but other conference participants will no longer see the user.
  • All other methods will not bring the desired effect.

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