How do I join a Zoom meeting

You can conduct conversations in the Zoom service not only using a computer. Developers have also released mobile apps for the Android and iOS operating systems. Using a smartphone, as well as on a computer, you can organize video conferences or just be a participant. Not all users understand what to do, we have prepared step by step instructions.

Step-by-step instructions

There are two ways to become a conference participant: via a special link or ID sent by the organizer.

Introduction using an ID

The first thing you need to do is launch the mobile app and click “log In” in the main window.

In the column that is located at the top, you must enter an identifier consisting of eight digits. In the box below, enter your name. There are two options in the login settings that allow you to disable audio and video. In the same window, there is a button to log in.

Using a special link

A special link to enter the conference must be sent by the meeting organizer. The link is inserted in the browser’s search bar, after which the app launch is confirmed.


In the appropriate field, write your name and click “OK”.

At the bottom of the program there are two buttons that are responsible for turning on and off the microphone and webcam during the conference.


These two functions can be disabled if necessary, because Zoom also allows you to chat using text messages.

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