Can Zoom host see private messages

The Zoom platform update has affected chat. The chat in your personal account has become as convenient and complete as possible.

How to Chat on Zoom - All Things How

Conference chat allows you to send chat messages to other users during the conference. You can send private messages to individual users or to the entire group. As an organizer, you can choose which participants can use the chat, or completely disable the chat.

New chat options

You can save a chat in a conference manually or automatically. Auto-save chat automatically saves the chat in the conference locally to your computer. You can also manually save your chat when starting a local recording or recording to the cloud.

Here’s what’s new in the Zoom personal account chat:

  • ability to build message branches;
  • added a standard set of emoticons;
  • now you can show your reaction to the message.

Do not forget that directly from the chat

  • you can create a 1+1 or group conference;
  • create group;
  • view the Zoom user profile;
  • you can share files;
  • enable notification when the user you are interested in appears;
  • put a “star” to the contact;
  • put a “star” on the message;
  • block a contact;
  • delete a contact;
  • send the chat to the archive.

In the video conference mode, there is a “Chat” function, thanks to which participants of the event can exchange text messages, ask each other questions and answer them. You won’t be able to clear this chat if you want to, which is not a big deal, since it will disappear by itself after the conference ends, so there is no need to clear the chat.

Another thing is personal correspondence with users who are present in the Zoom contact list. It is saved for a long time and the organizer can see users ‘ private correspondence.

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