Zoom – video conferencing application, program overview

Zoom is a program that is used to communicate online. The software has a similar principle of working with software such as Skype or Hangouts, but Zoom has advanced functionality and a wide range of features. This software is great for hosting business meetings remotely, at school or university.

Any user of a PC or mobile device can use the Zoom platform. To do this, download the appropriate files and create an account. Anyone can conduct online classes with a microphone and a webcam. If you use the free version, the duration of the lesson will be 40 minutes. For endless communication, there is the possibility of acquiring a monthly subscription. Tariff plans with various software operating conditions are available for customers – there are options for entrepreneurs and production organizations.

The Zoom app is great for private conversations or group meetings. The goal of creating this software was to provide customers with a reliable tool for conducting classes on a remote basis. It is safe to say that the developers have achieved their goal.

Where to download and how to install Zoom

You can download Zoom on the official website in the download center. To do this, just click the “Download” button and wait for the data transfer to complete.

How to download Zoom

Next, do the following:

Find on your computer a file called zoominstaller with the corresponding monk – it is usually downloaded to the “downloads” section if you are using the Windows operating system. If you are using a telephone, you must download the file and click “Open.”
Run the downloaded file – this activates the installation process.
Wait for completion by clicking the “Next” button.
Restart your operating system or phone just in case.

Installation is complete – now you can freely use the software according to the tariff. It remains to complete the registration of the account. We remind you that you can download Zoom for free.

Installation and configuration instructions

Sign up for Zoom

The process of creating an account is quite simple. To register an account, you need to follow these steps:

After starting the software, a window with three inscriptions will appear – you should select the “Registration” button.
Enter your email and your username (this can be your name, a random set of letters, or an alias). If you will conduct classes, it is recommended to choose your real name.
After completing these steps, you need to go into the email and find the letter that contains instructions for confirming the account.
Click on the link in the letter to open a new browser tab – your account is activated and now you can set a password. It is recommended to come up with a complex key since simple passwords are very easy to crack. This is especially true if you intend to use a paid version of the program.
Next, the system will offer to add friends and try to conduct basic training with you on using the software. You can take all the steps and just start creating a conference.
Pay attention to the 10-digit code required for personal conferences.

This completes the registration in Zoom.

Zoom Features

The program has a fairly large list of useful functions. They are the ones that distinguish the program from similar applications like Skype or Hangouts. Consider the main features of this program:

Screen sharing An excellent tool for conducting individual lessons. The student and teacher get the opportunity to make edits in the same document, perform tests, work with graphic images, and so on.
Conducting webinars. One of the most relevant functions for a modern teacher. Creating a webinar takes a few minutes. It is possible to connect chat and showcase materials.
Collaboration rooms. It is possible to create a separate virtual space. In offline mode, you divide students into groups and give them individual tasks. Here you can do the same by creating a session hall. The number of rooms is determined by the teacher. The organizer can enter the rooms and control the process.
Sharing the screen from a mobile phone. Good feature for demonstrating notes or documents.
Group chats. Inside the room, there is the ability to exchange text files, graphic images, and voice messages.
For each contact, it is possible to set a separate status.
The program works well with Wi-Fi, 4G / LTE, and 3G networks.

The software also allows you to set a virtual background to create a unique atmosphere. You can add a Christmas background, landscape, or create an imitation of office space. Pay attention to a convenient tool called “Pencil”. It allows you to paint over images or create labels manually. Ideal for children.

How to create a conference in Zoom

To create a conference using a computer, you must run the application and log in. Next, the user menu opens, where there is a button to create a conference – a yellow icon with a camera. After clicking, the base application starts. You have the opportunity to make adjustments to the settings or leave everything as default.

How to create a video conference

To invite participants, click on the “Invite” button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Only members of the contact list can be invited. You can also send invitations by sending a link via email. To do this, click “Copy invitation” and select the e-mail service.

The process of creating a conference from a telephone is practically the same as the above algorithm. We remind you that the mobile version has several limitations compared to the PC version. When using the phone, you simply click on the “New Conference” and add participants.

In case of questions regarding the functioning of the software, it is possible to write to the support service on the developer’s website.